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Videos + Dialogues Promoting Communication and Critical Thinking



Vialogues is a Web 2.0 tool providing a platform for asynychronous discussions centered around videos. While videos can engage students, the addition of meaningful commentaries increases student learning.

This Web 2.0 teaching tool is easy to integrate into the curriculum. You simply upload an appropriate video (even one from YouTube), make the discussion public or private, and begin the discussion.

The video is seen on the left side of the page and comments appear on the right side. Discussion comments are hyperlinked to the video timeline. Teachers can use the "Manage" tool to add introductory information such as guiding questions for students as they view the video.

The "Q&A;" tool lets you add a poll to the discussion - an easy way to assess student learning. Results of the poll can be viewed using the "Manage" tool.

21st Century Skills

This Web 2.0 teaching tool allows asynchronous discussion that develops viewers' communication skills. Critical thinking skills are employed as students view and dissect the video.

In the Classroom

What makes video effective for learning?

Ways to Use Vialogues in the Classroom

This lesson is an excellent example of using this Web 2.0 tool in the classroom.

In-Class Activity for High Schoolers: 9/11 Ten Years Later


NOTE: Videos that you upload to the site can be up to 1GB in these formats: .mov .flv .mp4 .mpeg .avl

Video Tutorial

Safety Concerns

The safest way to protect students' privacy is to set your vialogues for students as private. To create an account, first and last names are required and an email address. An email account is needed to create an account so work can be saved and edited. If using student email addresses is an issue at your school, consider using Mailcatch which is discussed on the "Other Helpful Tools" page.

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