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Importance of Creativity
in Today’s Business World

Understanding the importance of creativity in today's world is crucial to the future success of our students. Our economy has shifted from one based on industry and physical work to an ideas and creativity-focused economy. Creativity-based jobs have increased while physical jobs have declined.

"Creativity, once a trait avoided by employers, is now prized among employers who are trying to create the empowered, high-performance workforce needed for competitiveness in today's marketplace."

Dr. Jacquelyn Robinson, a community workforce specialist.


What is Creativity?

Creativity, along with innovation are critical skills for achieving success in the 21st century workplace.

Creativity is the ability to produce new, diverse and unique ideas. Thinking creatively means looking at things from a different perspective and not be restricted by rules, customs, or norms.

Innovation is the implementation of creativity - the introduction of a new idea, process, or product. Creativity provides the necessary spark to get the ball rolling.

Creativity in the Classroom

In schools creativity should not be limited to just art and music classes. Anyone in any occupation can be creative in their work. That is the reason why we must provide opportunities for our students to be creative across the curriculum.

Take a look at one teacher’s plans for "Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom.

Teachers must remember the importance of creativity as they help students in their schools move up this hierarchy of human talents.

Today’s students need to develop creative skills by learning to:

• Be open to new ideas and diverse viewpoints,
• Develop and communicate new ideas to other people,
• Make useful contributions based on original ideas.

Web 2.0 Tools

Creativity is at the heart of Web 2.0. Many of its tools open the doorways to creativity by helping students become multi-media content developers. Remember the importance of creativity as you consider these Web 2.0 teaching tools for use with your students:

Animoto - Creating MTV-style videos

Bookr - Creating Photobooks with Flickr Images

Comic Master - Graphic Novel Creator

Glogster - Interactive online posters

Kerpoof - Combining Learning and Creativity

NGA Kids - Interactive Learning and Creativity

Smilebox - 21st Century digital storytelling

ThingLink - Linking Learning and Creativity

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