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Effective Communication Skills
in Today’s Digital World


Effective communication skills are important in many walks of life.

Today’s employers look for individuals with effective communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. After graduation students will realize that these basic communication skills are essential in attaining their life’s goals.

In the Classroom

Students communicate daily by texting and posting on Facebook pages and other social media avenues to stay in touch with friends. Teachers can help students make the connections between their recreational writing and the kinds of writing they need to become successful beyond the classroom.

It’s important to stay aware of the digital world students live in as we design learning experiences to cultivate important skills. The diverse variety of Web 2.0 tools allow students to create products, such as videos, podcasts, interactive posters, cartoons, and share them online with others to see.

To build effective communication skills students must learn to:

  • Communicate using digital media and environments to support personal and group learning.
  • Share information efficiently and effectively using appropriate digital media and environments.
  • Communicate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively to different audiences using various media and formats.

These skills are at the core of every organization. It is crucial that we as teachers help students build this vital set of 21st century skills.

Web 2.0 tools can provide authentic audiences for students’ writing. Consider the “Old School” tradition of written reports and essays read only by the teacher. Now imagine an environment where students write for their peers, sharing information online, discussing and commenting with one another – a community of actively engaged readers and writers.

Web 2.0 Tools

Consider these Web 2.0 teaching tools to utilize in meeting your district’s curriculum standards while developing good communication skills with your students.

Mixbook - Creating ebooks supporting communication, collaboration, creativity

My StoryMaker - Digital Storytelling for Young Students

PicLits - Inspiring Creative Writing

Projeqt - Dynamic Digital Storytelling Tool

Quadblogging - Student Blogging in a Flat World

SlideShare - Communicating with Digital Media

Vialogues- Videos + Dialogues

Viewbix - Empowering Videos

Webdoc - Creating and Sharing Multimedia Content

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