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Mixbook was originally designed as a digital scrapbooking tool, but it is a great way to engage students in the classroom. The exciting set of tools for digital storytelling inspires students to write and produce colorful, exciting ebooks. There are many possible applications across the curriculum for this Web 2.0 teaching tool.

This Web 2.0 tool is easy to use and very intuitive. It is a good alternative to the traditional written report or handmade classroom book.

Finished books can be shared with others by viewing online or embedding on a web site, wiki, etc. Books may also be purchased through the web site. Educators receive a 10-30% discount by applying for an account at the Educators' page.

21st Century Skills

This Web 2.0 teaching tool provides a creative way for students to communicate with others. The site also allows students to work collaboratively on a book. Communication, creativity and collaboration make this tool a great choice for student learning.

In the Classroom

Mixbooks are a good alternative to written reports. An advantage to using this Web 2.0 teaching tool is that the process creates a familiar media – a book. The ebooks can be created individually or collaboratively.

Students can work collaboratively on an ebook at the same time, but each one must work on a different page. While working in “real time” on a book, students must be careful to communicate with one another to avoid working on the same page number at the same time. Also, if pages need to be moved, added, or deleted, all but one student must log out of the ebook. Then the remaining student may add, move, or delete pages.

Student accounts require an email address. One way to give all students an email address is to use Mailcatch.com. Mailcatch is an email service that lets you create free disposable email addresses. Students can create an email address using any mailbox name with the mailcatch.com domain, such as John Goode’s mailcatch address could be johng@mailcatch.com.

Classroom EXAMPLES –

A sixth grade student’s book about classifying plants and animals.

Mixbook sample book

A fifth grade collaborative book about explorers with information about setting up the class project


Video Tutorial

Safety Concerns

Always remind students not to identify themselves with their full first and last names, home address or phone number when posting their work online.

The Mixbook Educators’ page states that the program offers a secure online environment for students to share and edit their ebooks privately. The settings feature for each ebook lets you select who can view the ebook.

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