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Web 2.0 Teaching Tools
Motivate and Engage Students


Many great free online Web 2.0 teaching tools are available for teachers - if you know where to find them!

I want to share some Web 2.0 teaching tools that are some of the best-of-the-best ones that have worked for me, my students, and other teachers.

Basic information, curriculum ideas, and other resources are included to save you time in getting started. You'll discover that Web 2.0 can provide compelling teaching and learning opportunities.

What is Web 2.0?

A simple definition of Web 2.0 is the “Read/Write Web.” Originally, the Internet was a place to locate information - mainly a "Read Only Web." As the Internet slowly changed, web sites were developed that let people "write," collaborate, and share information, such as Wikipedia and Facebook.

In Today's Classroom

Educators face many challenges today. They must adapt to a generation of students who have grown up using the Internet.

We live in a global, knowledge-based economy. According to the Common Core State Standards, students must master vital 21st century skills so they will be college and career ready

Students must be able to -
• Communicate effectively,
• Collaborate with others,
• Think creatively and critically and,
• Gather, analyze, and synthesize information.

Technology, media literacy skills, and technical skills are integrated throughout the Common Core State Standards. Many Web 2.0 tools support these standards.

Take a look at the Web 2.0 tools on this site. They are organized by 21st century learning skills, although most incorporate more than one of the skills.

Join me in exploring these Web 2.0 teaching tools and resources. The ready-to-use teaching resources will help you get started. If you are hesitant, don’t be. I’ve taught for over 25 years and am not a technology expert. If I can do it, you can do it.

Hook even the most reluctant learners with Web 2.0 teaching tools. Boost your students' academic achievement with these Web 2.0 applications. Revitalize your lessons by integrating these instructional technology tools into your teaching plans.

Developing Effective Communication Skills with Web 2.

Effective communication skills are important in all walks of life. Explore these Web 2.0 tools to discover ways to develop vital 21st century skills with your students.

Building Strong Team Collaboration Skills with Web 2.0 Tools

Team collaboration is an important learning model in the development of 21st century learning skills. Web 2.0 tools can help create collaborative learning environments.

Recognizing the Importance of Creativity and the Role of Web 2.0 Tools

We must recognize the importance of creativity as a crucial 21st century learning skill. Creativity is at the heart of Web 2.0 and many of its vast array of tools.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills Using Web 2.0 Teaching Tools

Many of today’s Web 2.0 tools motivate students to learn while developing critical thinking skills necessary for competing in today’s global economy.

Developing Information Literacy Skills with Web 2.0 Tools

Students need to learn information literacy skills, combined with technology research and productivity tools, to succeed in today’s global economy.

Alternative Assessment with Web 2.0 tools in the Classroom

Alternative Assessment utilizing Web 2.0 tools helps to engage students and promote learning. Explore these Web 2.0 tools to discover new ways to evaluate your students level of learning.

Helpful Tools for using Web 2.0 teaching tools in the classroom

Helpful Tools for the Classroom - Zamzar, Mailcatch, Pixresizer, Splicd

Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills

The Common Core State Standards, a turning point in educational standards, and 21st century learning skills support one another in preparing students for success in college, life and career.

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